Christmas Silver Snowman Themed Set of 6 Wine Glass Charms

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These beautifully handcrafted wine glass charms will not only be a talking point around your table, party or Wedding but a great way for guests to easily identify their own glasses whilst mingling. Fab for all get-togethers and special occasions. Each person gets their own unique charm so they can easily identify their glass. If you require a colour that is not listed please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate your request. The rings easily clip on and off the stem of the wine glass. Also suitable for cocktail and champagne glasses. I have many different Sets available so please take a look at OUR SHOP. For large orders please contact me first to discuss possible discount and delivery time, as these are made to order. I also have Wedding Wine Glass Charm Sets and Christmas Wine Glass Charm Sets please use these links to have a look.