Cheese and Wine Themed Set of 6 Wine Glass Charms

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What a Grape Idea! Nothing goes together quite like a robust glass of wine and a deliciously aged slice of cheese. Show your love for this fabulous pairing by hosting a party with your favourite wine- and favourite set of wine glass charms. A wine and cheese pairing party is a great way to learn more about wine and cheese and try new varieties of both red and white. The best wine and cheese parties are those that encourage the guests to interact by bringing their favourite wines and cheeses for the rest of the guests to sample. These beautifully handcrafted wine glass charms will not only be a talking point around your table, party or Wedding but a great way for guests to easily identify their glasses whilst mingling. Fab for all get together's and special occasions, each person gets their unique charm so they can easily identify their glass. If you require a colour that is not listed please just ask and I will do my best to accommodate your request. The rings easily clip on and off the stem of the wine glass. Also suitable for cocktail and champagne glasses. I have many different Sets available so please take a look at OUR SHOP. For large orders please contact me first to discuss possible discount and delivery time, as these are made to order. I also have Wedding Wine Glass Charm Sets and Christmas Wine Glass Charm Sets please use these links to have a look. Please note that these are not real Gold or Silver.